Spring Cleaning: Yard Maintenance

When the trees began showing off their green and flowers start to bloom, your lawn will want to join the party. Here are some things to consider when starting to get your yard in shape for Summer.   Be Gentle! Spring is a sensitive time for your yard with spongy soil, tender plants, and unpredictable […]

Moving With Kids

Packing up your life is stressful but becomes more complicated when you have children. They feel the changes more acutely as they are leaving everything familiar. Imagine reading those stories about going to magical places as you see your favorite things being packed away in boxes but not knowing if the story has a happy […]

Packing Checklist

Packing checklist

Packing checklist: the basics Start with out-of-season items. Next, pack things used infrequently. Leave until last the things you’ll need until moving day. Empty drawers of breakables, spillables, items not recommended for inclusion in your shipment and anything that would puncture or damage other items. However, blankets, sweaters, lingerie, bath towels and similar soft, lightweight […]

Moving Day Tips

When your moving team arrives, please walk them through and tell them exactly what you would like to have done. They can also offer suggestions at that time that can make your move more efficient. Today Movers offers disassemble/reassemble services for your furniture and appliances upon your request, or for a faster move you can have the items disassembled for the crew. Today Movers offers full services packing small or large jobs. The office will need to know if you need these services prior to your move date so the crew can come prepared and equipped for the job. Large pack jobs are done on a separate day from the move day. Make sure all appliances being moved are empty of all items. We can move the furniture with soft items in the drawers such as blankets, pillows, and clothing, but heavy or breakable items will need […]