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Experienced Grandfather Clock Moving

Before you take that antique grandfather clock apart and try to move it yourself, remember that nearly all internal and external damage that occurs to these fragile clocks happens while in the process of being moved. Today Movers specializes in protecting and moving grandfather clocks to their new home, within the state of Texas, without a scratch. To help make an easy move, all weights and pendulums must be removed, and for liability reasons, we cannot remove these. We can guide you and assist in labeling the parts for ease of assembly.

We will sufficiently protect your grandfather clock and secure it within our trailer to make sure it will not move or come into contact with any other boxes or items. We will also provide any necessary packing materials, blankets, padding and stretch wrap to ensure that it does not get damaged. Safety is our main concern when handling such valuable items. Our trained grandfather clock moving professionals have moved many antique pieces and are well versed in how it needs to be secured. Put your trust in us and we will not disappoint!

Never attempt to move a grandfather clock without properly removing the weights and movements. Failure to do so can result in a damaged clock that could cost hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars to repair. Depending on the age of the clock, it could even be irreparable. When moving, all pieces must be secured and covered with padding to protect the wood. Keeping these antique timepieces running properly and looking great for many years to come means hiring the right people to move it, when necessary. Whether you’re moving across the hall or across the state, call Today Movers at 469-336-8000 of fill out our online form for a free estimate!

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