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Experienced Piano Moving

A piano is not an easy item to move and if you don’t have the right equipment, you can easily damage it. Today Movers are experienced in all facets of moving, especially your expensive keepsake items. A piano is no different. We have all the necessary tools and supplies to make moving your piano a snap!

Before moving your piano, always measure it to make sure it will fit through the doors and in the spot you have chosen to put it. There’s hardly anything worse than moving a heavy piece of furniture only to find out that it doesn’t fit where you want it to go!

Piano moving is not an easy task. There are many precautions that must be taken before it is ever lifted into our truck. Internal parts must be secured and it must be covered with moving blankets, wrap and other protective coverings to insure that your piano will not get scratched or dinged.

Once your piano is properly covered and ready to move, it will require multiple people to maneuver it into the trailer or truck for transport. Pianos are extremely heavy and should never be moved without a licensed, professional moving company in control of the job. This insures that your valuable grand or baby grand piano makes it to its destination in one piece and without any injuries.

It will be loaded onto our trucks by our team of movers and secured so it will not shift or bounce during transport. A standard upright piano weighs upwards of 400 to 900 pounds and a grand piano weighs anywhere between 700 and 1300 pounds, so any movement during transport could easily damage it.

Whether it’s across town or across the country, Today Movers can get your piano where it needs to go! 

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