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7 Reasons You Need to Declutter Your Home



No one who acquires stuff on a regular basis can honestly say he or she has no clutter at home. We all have a little mess where we live. Some of us may even have more than just a little clutter. We’ve heard of people who have so much junk lying around the house that entire reality TV shows have been built around them.

Of course, no one wants to be the butt of jokes or be at the receiving end of disdainful looks from people, but that much clutter is an open invitation. You have to declutter your home not just to avoid reality TV crews, but for the following reasons as well:

  1. Your home is becoming one, big petri dish

All that clutter means you’re not cleaning up, mainly because you can’t access the surfaces that need to be wiped or brushed. And when you’re not keeping your surroundings clean, you are, in effect, fostering a breeding ground for germs, bacteria and household pests like cockroaches, mice, and even rats.

  1. Clutter poses a risk to life and limb

If you go by the law of averages and think of all the times you nearly fell on your face after stumbling over your boots or slipping on a rogue sock, you are likely to finally hurt yourself the next time it happens. Losing teeth or breaking an ankle over items you don’t use or need is simply not worth it.

  1. You may be losing money without knowing it

Some people have this mindset that hoarding all that junk is going to save them money, or even help them make some of it. The problem is, finding the things you need amidst the mess is next to impossible. So even if you know you already own that thing you need, you’ll have no choice but to buy a new one that you will eventually add to the clutter. Also, bills could get lost and completely forgotten underneath that sky-high stack of mail on the floor. That means late fees, which we all know can be completely brutal.

  1. It fosters tardiness

How long does it take you to find your other shoe? Or your car keys, for that matter? Hunting for essential stuff underneath all that junk takes forever, and that means being late for most appointments is already a regular occurrence.

  1. The mess is stressing you out

Whether you admit it or not, clutter is a significant source of stress in our lives. Just looking at the mess can trigger anxiety and even feelings of guilt. Clutter also screams into our faces that our work will never be done, and that can definitely stress anybody out.

  1. You can’t have guests

Assuming that you are bothered by the mess but just don’t have the time to declutter, it must be really frustrating not being able to bring friends or lovers around. It is, after all, embarrassing to have someone visit only to have him or her sit on your missing stapler on the couch or worse, on that fresh mustard stain from that hot dog you had for dinner the night before.

  1. You’re running out of space

Clutter takes up a lot of room. With each passing day, you will get more things that will only add to the pile. At this rate, that pile of clothes on your bedroom floor would look fluffier and more appealing to sleep on than your (also cluttered) bed.

You have to stop wasting time, energy and space with all that clutter. Declutter and organize your home, and you’ll be doing yourself a gigantic favor.