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Moving Policy

While we strive to make your move as easy as possible, there are certain items and situations that are excluded from coverage by our insurance. Please read over this page to familiarize yourself with items that we can and cannot take so that you can be prepared when your moving day arrives.

There are certain items that we can take, however our insurance will not cover. If you have items like this, the crew will point them out to you and allow you to decide if we should transport them for you. You will be asked to sign indicating that you acknowledge that these items are being transported at your own risk. Common items that fall in this category are ceramic/terra cotta items, chimeneas, plant pots, Green Egg smokers, previously damaged furniture, particleboard furniture, and items with fragile interior parts.

Safes need to be emptied and locked. Washing machines should have transport bolts. We cannot provide these as the bolts are specific to individual machines; however, we can install them for you if you provide them. We cannot be held liable for damages resulting from moving washing machines without bolts in place.

ALL BOXES MUST BE SEALED. Tight fitting lids or being taped closed are both acceptable options. Due to insurance liability, we cannot take open boxes or small loose items. A good rule of thumb is “if it fits in a box, it should be in a box.” Table lamps, pictures, and art/decor are all items that often get overlooked when packing.

We cannot move unboxed table lamps, computers, printers, stereos, or other small electronics.

You may leave clothes/soft items in drawers, but we will not be able to move items with hard or damaging items inside. Common examples are refrigerators, desks, nightstands, shelves, and storage cabinets – these MUST BE emptied in order to be moved.

We cannot transport guns, ammunition, or hazardous items, even if they are boxed.  Following is a list of some common items TXDOT considers hazardous; you may have items that are not included in this list that the crew will point out to you.

  • Aerosol cans
  • Ammonia
  • Ammunition
  • Car batteries
  • Charcoal/lighter fluid
  • Charged scuba tanks
  • Chemistry sets
  • Cleaning solvents
  • Darkroom chemicals
  • Fertilizer
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fireworks
  • Flares
  • Fuels/Oils
  • Household batteries
  • Kerosene


Gasoline will need to be removed from lawnmowers and other small engines prior to moving.

WATER DAMAGE: Our crews are happy to disconnect and reconnect your washing machine and refrigerator; however, we cannot be responsible for any water damage or flooding that may happen as a result.

DISSASSEMBLY AND REASSEMBLY: Our crews can disassemble and reassemble beds, china cabinets, or other furniture as necessary. However, please be aware that due to liability, we cannot reassemble anything that we did not dissemble.  We cannot disassemble or reassemble trampolines or pools.

Other items we cannot move include full-sized copiers, hot tubs, live animals, taxidermy items, or structures such as garden sheds.

STORAGE: If we are moving items into your storage, we recommend having furniture padding available to pad your items in storage. We will pad items on our trucks but cannot leave our pads in your storage. We cannot be held liable for damage caused by improperly padded items in storage, and having adequate padding will ensure protection of your stored items. We recommend one blanket or pad per item of wood furniture.

TRUCK LOADING:  When loading a rental or personal truck, we recommend having furniture padding available to pad your items on the truck. Our insurance does not cover items that are not on our trucks and moved by our crews, and having adequate padding will ensure protection of your items. We recommend one blanket or pad per item of wood furniture.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call the office or email at info@todaymovers.net for more information.

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