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Enhance Your Home’s Curbside Appeal

curbside appeal
Photo courtesy of Ian Muttoo/flickr

The outside of your house is just as important as the inside when it comes to selling. The yard or front porch might be the deciding factor when a buyer is looking through houses online. Here is a to do list for maximizing your curbside appeal to potential buyers.


Remove any dead plants and trim any trees and bushes. Keep the lawn trimmed and water the grass if needed to keep it green. Choose the best sprinkler for your size of yard and do not forget to turn off manual sprinklers. If you have outside lighting, check all the bulbs and replace if needed. To make this job easier, divide your yard into sections then prioritizing what needs to be done in each section.  Add some potted plants along the walkway or entryway to invite buyers in. You can also add a wreath to do the door to add some greenery.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Not every shingle needs to be scrubbed down but do pay attention to places that are extra grimy. If you have the resources, you can rent pressure washers from Lowe’s or Home Depot to clean siding, porches, and walk ways. Nail down any loose boards and clear the gutters of debris. Take special care of the entry way, scrubbing the doorway and replacing any hardware. A fresh coat of paint on the door will provide a nice upgrade to the “face” of your house. Buying a new doormat also adds a nice touch.


Clean inside and out. Removing screens will give a pristine look to your house but if you would rather keep them on, make sure damaged screens are replaced. Paint faded window trim.


The garage is meant to house cars so make sure yours can fit in it. This will require some cleaning and organizing but potential buyers will want to see what the garage can actually hold. Make sure shelves are organized and remove any evidence of mouse traps or weed killer.

Everything Else

Pools, walkways, gardens, fences, etc. should be free of clutter and be in good repair. Do a walk through and inspect for any paint chips, rotting, or missing pieces. Make a list and check off when repaired.
When everything is done, the best way to check is to drive up to your house like a potential buyer would and do a walk through.