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Fall Home Maintenance

Fall Home Maintenance

Summer is over and your house needs to get ready for Winter. There are many things you can do in the fall to prevent issues arising in the winter months. Here is a fall home maintenance to-do list:

Store Your Mower

Clean and stow your mower. When your mower sits idle in the garage for months, gas inside the tank can deteriorate causing internal damage to engine parts. To prevent this, add a fuel stabilizer to the tank. Run the mower for five minutes to ensure that it reached the carburetor.

Store Garden Hoses

De-tach and store garden hoses. Leaving garden hoses attached to outside faucets can cause water to back up into the interior pipes. When temperatures hit freezing, water can expand and crack the faucet or pipes. This can also happen to sprinkler systems. If the water freezes in buried irrigation lines, the water can lead to busted pipes and broken sprinkler heads. To do this, turn off the water at the main valve and shut off the automatic controller. Open all of the drain valves and remove any above-ground sprinkler heads. If you do not have drain valves, you can hire a professional to blow out your system. Make this an early priority to avoid a cold snap. Drain the hoses and store in a shed or garage. To guard against minor leaks, turn off any shutoff valves on water supply lines that lead to exterior faucets.

Seal Any Cracks

Take a tube of exterior caulk and walk around your home inspecting all trim and siding around doors and window frames. The change in humidity can cause window seals to crack and tear.  Seal any cracks and where pipes and wires enter. This is one of the most important chores as it prevents moisture for getting inside your walls. Change out summer screens for winter storm windows.

Check Your Gutters

Gutters require frequent cleaning as the leaves start to fall. Neglecting this job can lead to wood rot issues and pest infestations. Make sure water is coming down behind the gutters and that all support brackets are intact. Also check that the water is draining properly so that you do not end up with foundation issues.