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Packing Tips: Packing With Kids

Packing With Kids

So, you have sold the house and are moving to a new one. The kids are super excited about bigger rooms and new adventures! But now here comes the task of packing up their rooms in an organized fashion. Whether you are using a moving company or doing it yourself, there are a few things that you can do to make packing with kids much easier for everyone involved.

Sell, Donate, Trash

The idea of getting rid of toys tends to send kids, especially young ones, into a tailspin. “But that’s my favorite toy! And that one too. And that one! I can’t get rid of any of these!” Give your kids three boxes: One for selling, One for donating, One for trashing.

Anything that goes into the sell box can be sold at a garage sale, consignment, or online. Involving kids during the process, whether they are helping to work the garage sale or watching their proceeds stack up online, helps them realize the value of the things that they have. Who knows?! They may end up trying to sell many of their other unused toys that they were originally going to keep.

The things that tend to end up in the donate box aren’t usually going to net anything in a sale, but are still useful and appreciated by others. Things like stuffed animals, coloring books, craft supplies, outdated clothing, books, just to name a few. Many of these items can be donated to local schools and daycares. They are especially happy to have donated craft supplies, as well as books. You can also donate your books and older DVDs to the local library. This also includes board games. Daycares love coloring books, even if they have been colored in. Stuffed animals are appreciated at local shelters, especially those for children. Make sure to call these places and ask if they are taking donations at that time and what kinds of items they are taking. You might find that you have the exact thing they are looking for.

The trash box is usually filled with broken toys, clothes with holes in them, parts that you can not identify. This could also include stuffed animals that can not be repaired. Check with your local recycling center to find out what they are willing to take.

Go through every single item in your child’s room, with their help, and ask them questions about each item.

  • Do you still play with this?
  • Are there any missing pieces?
  • Can we donate this to our library for other kids to play with?
  • Would you like to sell this toy to another kid who would enjoy it?
  • Are there any of these coloring books that you would like to give to the younger kids at your school?

It can be a bit overwhelming, so simply start with three boxes. Once one of the boxes is full, replace it with an empty box and remove the full box from the room. If you and your child are only looking at three boxes, the task appears manageable. Make sure to label the box in big dark letters where it is going right away. This way you do not confuse your “To Sell” box with your “To Trash” box.

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