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Preparing for the Movers to Arrive
3 May

Preparing for the Movers to Arrive

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Using professional movers can take a lot of the stress out of your big moving day. Depending on whether you are having them pack and move or just move, there are some things you can prep ahead of time to make sure things go even smoother. Here are some of our best tips for preparing to move with Today Movers.

Tips for Preparing to Move:

Declutter and sort items. Sort your belongings, donate those items you don’t need, throw out trash, or sell anything of value that you no longer want. If you decrease the amount of stuff, this is less to pack and move.

Check with your movers for any items that cannot be moved by them. There are some items that we cannot move including hazardous materials, pets, or plants. Make sure you check with us ahead of time and make arrangements to move your pets, and transport or dispose of these items.

Consider insurance or liability. Check into protection plans that would be appropriate for you. This is important especially for valuable or sentimental items.

Create an inventory to keep track of your items. This can help keep track of all of your items. Organizing boxes is also key, make sure to right down what is in each box and color code or organize your boxes for easy distribution once your new home is reached.

Keep certain items separate from the items movers are taking. This includes boxes and things that you are keeping with you on moving day. It can include personal documents, valuables, essentials, medications, small electronics/chargers.

Make sure you have a plan to remove furniture from your home. If there are narrow staircases or tight doorways, make sure to consider this in the day’s plans. Having an idea for removing certain items ahead of time can save time on moving day.

Plan ahead for your kids and pets. The chaos of moving day can be a lot for children and pets to handle. Have a safe place with a relative or friend to look after them until the move from your old home is over.

Keep plenty of extra moving supplies on hand including tape, bubble wrap, boxes, and permanent markers.

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