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Preparing Your Home to Sell


preparing your home to sell
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You’ve chosen your real estate agency and are ready to go. Preparing and staging your house will be a vital step in putting your home on the market. Here is how you can entice buyers by maximizing the benefits of your home.


First Impression

Gone are the days when people first see your house by driving by it. Today house hunters are seeing your home on a webpage and in two seconds will decide if they are clicking or scrolling past. You can maximize your digital presence by taking as many photos as you can. Make sure the exterior of your house is tidied up. Add vibrant flowers and trim the lawn so that they will be drawn to click your picture over everyone else’s.



Now is the time to let go of your emotions. Think of your house now as a building you need to market opposed to the home you hosted Thanksgiving in. You want people to focus on the house and not on you. Take down photo frames, personal collections or keepsakes, and tone down the themed bedrooms. You don’t want potential buyers to be distracted. You want them thinking, “I can see myself living here!”


The Kitchen

An updated kitchen can make or break a sale. Consider this before putting your house on the market. You want to eliminate buyers negotiating the renovation of the kitchen and knocking off thousands of dollars. There are ways to update your kitchen without taking out another loan. Adding a fresh coat of paint and new hardware to older cabinets will freshen up the space. Rearrange and sort your cabinets. Alphabetize spices, neatly stack jars, and make sure that nothing is going to fall out when a buyer opens them up to look around. If you have more resources to work with, adding at least on stainless steel appliance will give your kitchen a high-end look.



It’s difficult to show off your abundance of closet space if you have them all jam packed with things. Buyers will want to see the potential of storage space so fill your closets halfway and sort everything neatly. The time to pack is before you list.