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Single Item Moving

Sometimes you need just one item moved

One item moves can be very difficult for just one person. You need your pool table moved but you don’t have an army of people to help and transport. This is where Today Movers can help. We will handle your single item move for you and provide you with all of the quality of our large full home or office moves. Check out just some of the items we can move. Fill out our online form for a free estimate!

Don’t see it on the list? Give Today Movers a call at 469-336-8000. We can move almost anything.

Piano Moving

A piano is not an easy item to move and if you don’t have the right equipment, you can easily damage it. Today Movers are experienced in all facets of moving, especially your expensive keepsake items. A piano is no different. We have all the necessary tools and supplies to make moving your piano a snap! Piano moving is not an easy task. There are many precautions that must be taken before it is ever lifted into our truck. Internal parts must be secured and it must be covered with moving blankets, wrap and other protective coverings to insure that your piano will not get scratched or dinged.

Antique Moving

Antiques are a valuable asset to your home. You have likely spent a good amount of time and money in acquiring them, or have been given them by family members. No matter what they are, they should be given the highest amount of attention to make sure they last another generation. Whether it’s a valuable china set that is a family heirloom or a dining table from generations past, that you picked up at a second hand store, we want to make sure they arrive in impeccable condition.

Pool Table Moving

Moving a pool table is dangerous and an unneeded hassle! There’s no handles and nowhere to get a good grip on it! Not to worry, Today Movers can handle your big, bulky, heavy pool table with no problems. If you need to move it across town, into another room, or into storage, we can make quick work of it. Handling a pool table is a multi-person job and we will be sure to have enough hands on it to ensure that it is not damaged or dropped. Our experienced movers have handled many pool tables over the years and all are licensed movers.

Furniture Moving

Today Movers offers specialized furniture moving to help make your moving day less stressful. If you have a large desk or sectional that requires 2 or more people to move, we can handle that! We also move clothes dressers, bedroom suites and just about any other pieces of furniture. Don’t strain your back, let us handle it! We will bring multiple movers with us and can have your home or office ready to move in a matter of hours!

Grandfather Clock Moving

Before you take that antique grandfather clock apart and try to move it yourself, remember that nearly all internal and external damage that occurs to these fragile clocks happens while in the process of being moved. Today Movers specializes in protecting and moving grandfather clocks to their new home, within the state of Texas, without a scratch. To help make an easy move, all weights and pendulums must be removed, and for liability reasons, we cannot remove these. We can guide you and assist in labeling the parts for ease of assembly.

Appliance Moving

As one of the most trusted and most experienced moving companies in the area, we provide also Appliance Delivery Services. Don’t borrow someone’s truck or strain your back by trying to get that new appliance on the bed of your truck. Let Today Movers meet you at the store or home where you have purchased a new or used appliance to assist in moving it to its new home, the right way. In today’s highly competitive moving business we have earned trust and built our solid reputation with providing quality appliance delivery services.