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Smart Home Technology Advantages

Smart Home technology

Over the last decade, home automation has become increasingly popular. It is estimated that by 2020 the number of connected devices is expected to grow to 26 billion. There are many advantages to having automatic and electronic control of household features and activities. Here is how you can benefit and some of the features available.

Control All Aspects Of Your Home

Home automation systems are composed of hardware, communication, and electronic interfaces that work to integrate electrical devices with one another. With an app on your phone, you can regulate the temperature in your house or turn the lights on. Automation software is often connected through computer networks so you can adjust settings on your personal device.

There are a variety of services and functions to choose from when deciding what system is best for your home. Some common features include carbon monoxide monitoring, lighting and thermostat control, and alarm systems.

Benefits of Home Automation

One of the greatest benefits of having a home automation system is security. You can utilize live video surveillance, real time text and email alerts, and alarm systems to prevent against break-ins and fires. Whether you are at work or on vacation, you can ensure that your home is safe. Another added benefit is in energy savings. By setting timers on the thermostat or adjusting the lighting while out of town, homeowners can save in energy bills and reduce consumption.

With an increase in popularity, something that was science fiction is now more affordable and less complex so that users can use with ease. For Apple users, there is HomeKit, an automation hub that lets you control any compatible lighting, thermostat, sensor, alarm, and lock just using your iPhone. Smart Home is the same idea but for Samsung users. All home improvement stores now have home automation systems and will work with you to customize packages to suit your needs.

If you desire automation within your home, more and more products are hitting the market. Smarter Coffee will grind and brew coffee at the touch of a button. Dyson now makes small heating and cooling devices that move where you are. The Xiaomi Mi vacuum has a higher suction rating than the Roomba and the Nanoleaf Aurora is smart lighting that creates design and landscapes.