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Spring Cleaning: Exterior – A Checklist

spring cleaning
Photo courtesy of J-Nellie/Flickr

We focus a lot on the interior of our homes, even if we are the only ones to see it, but when spring comes around and the weather is inviting, the outside of your house might need some love. Not only will this ensure the improvement of your home, it will increase your curb appeal. Here are a few tips to get started on cleaning and checking the exterior of your home.



All of the window gets cared for. Clean the glass, sill, and screens. Check for any drafts and seal any areas.

Trash Cans

That rubber can with wheels can get fairly ripe as its only job is to carry our trash. Take a hose and spray it with water. Clean out the inside with disinfectant and if needed, scrub with a handled brush and rinse. Leave it turned upside down to dry.


You can clean the front door with a rag and simply wipe it down. Check all doors and look for leaks, particularly near corners. Look for peeling or chipping paint as this can suggest water intrusion. Seal any areas between the frame and the wall.


Don’t forget the porch light! Remove the light fixture to empty dead bugs and clean the glass bulb. Sweep the porch, especially around doors and windows to get rid of cobwebs. Wash outdoor furniture, vacuuming any cushions for pet hair, leaves, etc. Vacuuming pillows will help get rid of dust and pollen that has collected in the stuffing.

The Garage

Clean the door, just like you would your car. On the inside, take everything out so you can dust and sweep. Take the opportunity to organize storage and any items that have piled up. Install shelves or new hanging fixtures to help separate items. To deep clean the floor, use concrete cleaner and a scrub brush.


Start by removing any weeds or grass growing in cracks. You can clean the concrete thoroughly with a pressure washer to remove excess dirt and grime. There may be cracks or holes that need to be patched and you can do this with a concrete resurfacer.