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Spring Cleaning: Yard Maintenance

Spring Cleaning in the backyard.
Photo courtesy of woodleywonderworks/Flickr

When the trees began showing off their green and flowers start to bloom, your lawn will want to join the party. Here are some things to consider when starting to get your yard in shape for Summer.

Be Gentle!

Spring is a sensitive time for your yard with spongy soil, tender plants, and unpredictable weather. It can be tempting to start as soon as it feels good to be outside, but you want to avoid any heavy work until the soil dries out. If you rake or mow all over soggy soil, you damage new grass shoots. Once the soil is dry, begin where you left off in the fall with gathering leaves and raking. Give your yard a thorough raking before you mow or treat the grass.

Testing the Soil

Take advantage of this transitional season and test your soil to find out if it needs any amendments. Purchase a soil test kit and follow the directions. You can apply lime to acidic soil anytime as long as the grass isn’t wilted. Make sure the pH is below 6. If you are planning to plant new grass this year, do not apply lime within three weeks of fertilizing. The ingredients can react and become less effective.


If you fertilized in the fall, you may not have to in the spring. Cool season grasses do a great job of holding on to nutrients so there might be enough left over to carry your yard through to the summer. Warmer season grasses may need a fresh layer when spring arrives as they begin to soak up nutrients as soon as it gets warmer.

Lawn Equipment

Before you begin primping and pruning your lawn, give your equipment a look over. Take this opportunity, before it gets too hot, to inspect dull blades, oil changes, and extension cords. If you are not comfortable inspecting these items or are unsure if it seems there is a major problem, contact your local lawn repair.


Persistent weeds are much easier to tackle if you deal with them before they mature. Spring is a great time to apply herbicide if you know your lawn is prone to weeds. Don’t overdo it if you missed weed treatments in the fall and think you need to catch up. All it will do is damage your grass. Instead, lightly apply a pre-emergent weed killer in the spring. This should take care of any weeds in the summer.


Whatever your local scourge is, springtime is when you need to address the problem. Whether it’s fire ants, mosquitoes, or grubs talk to your local home store and ask what is the best insecticide for your yard.