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The Five Best Reasons to Move to Tulsa

Deciding to move is often a difficult one to make. Tulsa is an awesome city with a reasonable cost of living, a blossoming arts and culture scene, and there is plenty to do around the state of Oklahoma. While you may not have considered it before, here are five reasons you should move to Tulsa!

Great Apartment Options

There are tons of great apartment options in Tulsa. They have three great communities in Tulsa: The Place at Quail Hollow, The Place at 81 Yale, and The Place at 101 Sheridan. All three of these communities share the same core values, standards, and policies. You never have to worry about leaving your pets behind. Their “We Love Pets” policy shows it! There are tons of great places to play, shop, and eat near all of the communities.

School Districts

It’s no secret that many people move based on the quality of the school districts in the area. For Tulsa, this is not a problem. The Tulsa Public Schools is a large and diverse urban school district. They strive for excellence by creating a learning environment that suits as many learning styles as possible. The Tulsa Public Schools service 40,000 students with roughly 7,000 employees. There are a number of educational options available to students and parents. TPS has a variety of campuses to meet your family’s needs!

Cost of Living

Perhaps one of the best reasons to move to Tulsa is the cost of living. Any score under 100 means that Tulsa is below the average cost of living in the United States. Overall, Tulsa ranks at 85. That’s well under the typical average for the cost of living in the United States. It gets really interesting when we look at the cost of living in terms of housing. Remember that 100 is the average for the US, and Tulsa ranks at just 57. That’s just a little more than half the cost to live on average in the United States.

Expanding Job Markets

Like most major cities in the United States, Tulsa has many expanding job markets. Tulsa is the second largest city in Oklahoma and is currently ranked 47th largest city in the entire US. The job market in Tulsa is experiencing a steady increase. Compared to previous years where nearly six percent of employers planned to decrease workforce that number is down to below three percent. More than 70% of employers planned to maintain a steady workforce while 30% stated that they are looking to increase their numbers this year by up to 13% in the first quarter. These are all good indicators that the job markets in Tulsa are on a continued up-swing. This is in part because of the low cost of living and extremely low cost of housing in Tulsa.

City Life

Finally, we have to talk about the city life of Tulsa. One of the best reasons to move to Tulsa is the exciting opportunities for almost anything you can imagine. There are great outdoor activities to take part in, awesome places to eat, a diverse range of activities to keep you busy after work and on the weekends. Tulsa has a large population but they also have great opportunities for education, restaurants, entertainment venues and more. There are all the things you might expect in a larger city well within walking and driving distance. The public transportation system also makes navigating Tulsa even more simple.

Overall, Tulsa is a great place for not just individuals but also families. You can settle in and maybe even save some money living in Tulsa.