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The Many Uses of Portable Storage Containers

Portable Storage Containers

Portable storage containers have become extremely popular. It has made moving easier and there are lots of options for storage. Here are some tips for packing and best uses for portable storage:

When packing portable storage be sure to have the right tools to ensure that the job is easy and safe. You should have a dolly to move heavy items and loading straps, paper pads, furniture pads, and a stretch wrap to help keep items safe and free from damage.

Loading Tips

When loading items, the heaviest and bulkiest like refrigerators, couches, or washers and dryers, should be loaded first. Then fill in the spaces between the larger items with packed boxes. This adds stability and reduces the risk of larger items sliding around. Be mindful of weight distribution throughout the container. Be mindful of weight distribution throughout the container spreading weight evenly end to end and side to side. Balance heavy items and pack heavy boxes on the bottom. Use loading straps at each point to secure items but be careful not to tighten the straps too tightly.

Temporary Storage

One of the most common uses for portable storage containers is the temporary source of extra storage. Homeowners can rent a storage container to be brought to their property for a period of time instead renting a storage facility far away or buying a permanent building. These can be used for a variety of reasons, including room renovations, de-cluttering, preparing the house for sale, or home damage repairs. Once the task is completed, the storage company will have the container removed. If the storage container has a plastic or translucent roof and will be outside for an extended period of time, cover the items inside with cardboard to protect them from exposure.


Second to this is using portable storage for moving. Many storage containers are large enough to fit an entire household of furniture and items (depending on the size of your house). This makes moving much more convenient takes a lot of work out of moving from place to place. It is affordable, flexible to schedules, secure, and safe.

Many territorial jobs, like constructions and landscaping, require a lot of moving around. This means equipment has to be moved from place to place as well being stored when not in use. Many companies have discovered the cost effectiveness of utilizing portable storage of storing equipment on site and then having it delivered to the job site when needed.