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Tips for Moving in the Winter

Moving in Winter

Moving can be a stressful event, and moving in the winter can throw seasonal weather into the mix. Moving in the winter doesn’t need to be a headache. Here are some tips to make it easier:

Confirm Details

Moving in the winter can be a great idea. Winter is moving companies’ off-season, so you should have a wider range of dates available to choose from. Just be sure to check in with your movers a week before the move and a day or two before the move. Because in winter, we all
know the weather can be unpredictable.
Check the Weather

Speaking of weather, keep a sharp eye on it. Check it every week leading up to the move, and then every day the week of the move. If you’re concerned the weather will shut down roads or hinder your movers, call the moving company and express your concern. It’s better to delay the move than getting caught in a blizzard.

Turn the Heat Off
Since you’ll have people going in and out all day, your poor furnace will be trying to heat the house and it will all go straight out the door. If you turn the heat off, just for the day, you’ll save energy and money.

Board Your Pets

No one wants a puppy underfoot while they’re trying to move, and if you take our advice and turn the heat off, your puppy will need to stay somewhere warm. Check local boarders and kennels for heated runs, heated floors, and one- or two-day discounted rates.
If it’s Icy, Clear the Sidewalks, Driveways, and Street
It doesn’t get more dangerous than carrying a heavy couch down an icy sidewalk. Be sure to salt, shovel, or snow blow any major walkways you think the movers will be using so they can walk safely with your belongings.

Check the Utilities at the New Home

Nothing is worse than having no heat and no light in the dead of winter. Make sure that all of the utilities at your new home are turned on and actually working before you start moving. We recommend getting everything turned on about two days before your move.

Have Towels and Blankets on Hand

Imagine you’re halfway through moving your furniture out to the truck, the skies open up and the rain or snow is just pelting down. If you don’t have sheets or blankets near the front door, the movers will have to carry your Grandmother’s antique writing desk through the downpour with no protection.

Keep Essentials With You

It’s tempting to make room in your car for a pillow and sleeping bag, but make sure your extra clothing layers, coats, snow boots, hats, gloves, scarves, and a handful of cozy quilts also make it into the car.

Be Flexible

While it’s already stressful to move in the winter, winter weather only adds to the number of possible complications. Your movers can’t control the weather, and are probably colder than you are. So listen to their concerns – if the roads are icy, it’s safer to delay the move a little than risk your possessions and people’s lives.

Tip Well

Moving companies’ rates don’t change much in the winter, so your movers probably aren’t getting paid extra to deal with snow, ice, and wind. Thank them for coming out in the winter and make sure they each get a good tip to reinforce your appreciation.

Moving in the winter months doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds. With a little forethought and consideration, you can make it an ideal move despite the weather. Good luck!