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Ways to Mitigate Stress During a Move

Moving stress

Everybody knows that moving is stressful but we often do not ask the question, why is moving so stressful?

Yes, there’s no denying that moving house can be a very stressful experience. But the thing is that as soon as you understand where that moving stress comes from, you’ll be able to come up with good tactics to combat those stressful moments.
And when you win the minor stressful battles along the way, you’ll get to the ultimate victory: you’ll get to enjoy a stress-free move.

So, why is moving so stressful?


The moving stress is real: your savings will be at risk and you may be unsure whether the money you have will be enough to cover all the moving expenses because, frankly, you have no idea how much the move will cost you in the first place.

Reduce the stress of moving house by requesting free moving quotes to learn the cost of your move in advance and using proven cost-saving techniques to cut your moving costs and expenses.


Now, one of the most stressful things when moving house is that the clock will start ticking as soon as your house move has become a certainty – ticking away as it counts down the days, hours and minutes you have until the move-out day.

The time pressure will keep on increasing and it’s the genuine worry that you won’t be ready on time that can make the stress of moving almost unbearable as you approach the finish line. It’s the dreaded stress-inducing image of you still having an entire room to pack when your movers knock on your door on Moving day to pick up your items for transport.

Reduce moving stress by starting work on your moving tasks as soon as you can and using a good moving checklist to help you organize your time in the best possible way.

Risk of damage to your valuables

Moving valuables will only make your move more stressful and you more anxious as a result. Of course, some items will always be more valuable than others, it’s up to you to figure out the best way to protect and transport the things that are either too expensive or too valuable (or both!) to be handled without the proper care.

Yes, moving valuable items between two homes is one of the reasons why moving is so stressful, but you can try to reduce that moving stress by: packing and moving small valuables by yourself such as jewelry, small electronic devices, coin collections, stamp collections, etc, hiring professional movers to protect and move larger items of high value: a piano, a grandfather clock, or antique furniture, and purchasing adequate moving insurance for your valuables.

Disruption of routine

A house move will affect you in more ways than you think. Yes, your time, money, and health will be put to the test during the house moving preparations, and especially on Moving day itself. But soon, you’ll also realize that moving house is all about change, and that upcoming change will bring an extra dose of stress into your life as well.

For one thing, your daily routine activities will be disrupted and replaced by scores of crazy-busy moving tasks that will quickly exhaust you, both mentally and physically. Sooner or later, the move will force you out of your comfort zone and will introduce many new things for you to cope with, often at once.

And when you lose the comfort of doing what you know on a daily basis, you may get to feel uprooted and lost, with frequent episodes of negative thoughts and uneasiness and restlessness.

If you rely heavily on your daily routine to keep your emotions in check, combat the resulted stress by keeping your routine as unchanged as possible (easier said than done), and by making a list of all the positives that the move will bring for you.