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Ways We Protect Your Home and Furniture

Moving can be tricky. Maneuvering heavy things through doors they barely fit through, deciding if you really can carry that box of books, and awkwardly angling that piece of furniture around a winding staircase. 

That’s a major reason people hire movers. After all, if you’re hiring professional movers, you want to rest assured they are going to make your moving day less stressful by moving efficiently, protecting your things, and making sure everything gets to your new destination safe and sound. So how do we make that magic happen? When you hire us, here is how we protect your belongings:

Our Crew Leader will do a walk-through of your home before the clock even starts, taking inventory of what you have and confer with you if anything is already chipped or damaged before the move (similarly to what you do with a rental car before you take it over).

We Protect Your Floors

We bring neoprene floor runners that go down prior to the move to protect your floors from any damage while your furniture is being moved on dollies. It’s also there to prevent the possibility of any mud, water, or grass dirtying up your floors from shoes. We definitely don’t want cleaning your floor to get added to your to-do list on moving day.

We Wrap it Up

We bring our own shrink wrap and blankets to wrap and protect your furniture from any damages or nicks during the move. We’ll also unwrap it at the final destination.

We Bring the Right Tools

We bring a multitude of transport tools so we can take your things from point A to point B in the safest way possible.

Loading Your Belongings Carefully

We believe in strategy. This means we will develop a plan before we load your things, and not just toss things in as we go. One of our values as professional movers is to treat your things like we would our own. You’ll be amazed how perfectly stacked everything will look when we’re done.

We will do one last walk-through with you before the moving truck departs to make sure we got everything you wanted us to take.

Transporting Your Things Safely

Furniture is then tied off inside the moving truck to make sure it won’t shift or fall over at any point during the transport. 

We will disassemble and reassemble your furniture–like your bed frames and tables. We will also move your furniture over and over again, so that by the time we leave, everything is the way you like it.