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What to Expect When Hiring a Moving Company

Hiring a Moving Company

So, you’ve decided to hire professional movers for your relocation. You’ve researched your options, asked for recommendations, read moving reviews, got price estimates from several reputable moving companies, compared the offers, and chosen the best movers for you. Yet, you may still feel a bit uneasy about the Big day – worrying if the movers will arrive on time, if they will take good care of your items and deliver them safely to your new home, if there will be some extra charges and hidden costs, etc.

It is normal to be anxious when faced with such a challenging endeavor as moving house, but having professional help should take the stress out of your move, not add to it. The pros know their stuff and will perform your relocation in the safest and most efficient way possible. You need to trust them to do a good job and relax – everything will go according to plan.

Here is what to expect from professional movers:

Arriving on time

Good movers will show up at your door at the pre-agreed date and time – it is possible that a moving crew arrives late because of a traffic jam, accident, delayed previous job, or other circumstances beyond their control, but all true professionals will do their best to get to your home on time. They will arrive in a moving truck that is clearly marked with the company name and USDOT number and is large enough to accommodate all your items (make sure there’s a convenient parking place close to the entrance of your home where the movers can park the big moving vehicle).

What to expect when movers come? The driver (who is usually the supervisor of the moving crew) will introduce himself/herself and the workers and will provide you with all the required documents – order of service, valuation addendum, etc. (moving companies are required to give you all the papers before they start loading your items on the truck). Read them very carefully to confirm that the details of your move are clearly and explicitly stated, the terms in the moving contract match the terms on your original service order, and everything is as previously agreed.

Taking inventory

Even if you have already made a moving inventory and sent it to the moving company when getting a quote, it’s a good idea to go over everything with the moving crew to be sure that everyone is clear on what will be put on the moving truck and what will be left behind.

The movers will conduct a walk-through of your home and prepare a written inventory of the items you have for moving. They will assess the condition of every object and will assign it an inventory number.

When the inventory is ready, you need to check it to make sure that all the items you want to relocate to your new home are included in the list and the condition of your goods is stated correctly. Do not forget to request a copy of the inventory for yourself.

Good to remember: When giving your movers a walkthrough of your home, make sure you point out special items (breakables, valuables, sensitive items, etc.) that require extra care, indicate the items that are not to be loaded on the moving truck (your essentials box, valuables, crucial electronic devices and other items you will take with you, as well as any appliances, furniture, or other household items you’re leaving behind), point out the furniture pieces that need to be disassembled for the move, and give the movers any other relevant information they might need.

Protecting your home

Next, your movers will take some precautionary measures to prevent property damage, accidents, and injuries during the loading process. They’ll use carpet protectors, plywood sheets, and moving blankets to protect your floors, carpets, stairways, banisters, etc. from scratches, dents, and dirt and to create a flat, non-slip surface that will reduce the risk of tripping and falling while hauling heavy items around.

What’s more, the moving crew will come prepared with all the necessary tools and supplies – moving dollies, furniture pads, carrying straps, floor runners, etc. – to ensure the best possible protection to your home and your belongings. This is what to expect when you hire movers – safety and efficiency, above all.

Loading the moving truck

After your belongings are packed and protected, the movers will load them onto the truck- carefully and safely. The pros know exactly how to position and secure your things in the vehicle in order to prevent shifting and reduce the risk of damage to your items during transit.

All items and boxes will be placed in a position where they won’t fall and won’t move around and bump against each other during the transportation.

When everything is loaded, the movers will remove the tools, protective materials, and anything else they brought into your home. At this point, you need to do a final walkthrough of your house or apartment to make sure nothing has been left behind.

Heading to your new home

Now your items are ready to move to your new home. The driver will present you with a bill that lays out all of the conditions of your relocation and confirms the performed services, valuation, expected date of delivery, and final cost of your move. You will be asked to sign this document (the Bill of Lading) – read it carefully and make sure you understand and agree with everything written in it before signing.

Before the movers depart, be sure to:

tip the movers if you’re happy with their services; get the driver’s name and phone number; provide the driver with your contact information, exact new address, and clear directions to your new home; confirm the time and date that your belongings will be delivered to your new home (ask the driver to call you as early as possible of any changes of schedule occur so you can adjust your plans accordingly).

Delivering the shipment

When the moving truck arrives at your new home, the movers will unload your boxes, furniture, and other household goods – it’ll be up to you to check your items against the inventory list and make sure nothing is missing or damaged.

If this service is included, your movers will take your things to the rooms where they belong – they are trained in the best strategies for moving heavy loads with safety and efficiency and will take the necessary precautions to ensure that flooring, walls, and belongings are protected from bangs, scrapes, and drops. They will ask you how the furniture should be arranged within the rooms and will assist in organizing your new home in a way that everything fits.

Professional movers can also unpack boxes, reassemble furniture, connect appliances and electronics, and dispose of packing materials upon request.

So, what to expect from movers? In a word – professionalism that results in safety, efficiency, and success.