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Why Do-It-Yourself Moves are a Waste of Time 

Do It Yourself Moving


Moving by yourself or enlisting friends and family can be a very stressful and time-consuming process. Taking the task on yourself is hard work, involves coordinating people and resources, and can end up costing you a significant amount of time.The older you become, the more stress it puts on your body and mind. We value your time and recognize that leaving jobs to professionals is a wise investment.

Reliable and Efficient Movers

We won’t say that your friends are unreliable, but having a company that is bound by contract and staffed with people that do this work every day is bound to be more efficient and reliable. We have the equipment and experience to quickly move all your possessions safely and keep to a time schedule that we communicate to you.

Planning, Logistics, and Liabilities

Even if you hire professionals, there will be planning involved. Please review our packing tips on how to prepare your belongings for our moving services. We also have advice on packing yourself or having us do the packing.

There are a lot of logistic tasks involved in executing a move as well as the physical labor involved. The amount of work involved in a one bedroom move may be manageable, but the larger amount of rooms, furniture and appliances can easily stretch past what a group of friends or family will happily assist with.

Our professional crews know the best ways to load our vans and how best to move appliances and furniture. We can schedule with you for overnight or long term storage needs and work around your schedule. We’re even able to move without the need for you being on site, although being available for questions and confirmation is appreciated.

By moving yourself with friends or amateurs, you run the risk of being fully liable for any damage or loss that occurs. We carry insurance contracts that protect you from loss in the unfortunate event something happens.

Time-Savings and Stress Relief

Avoiding heavy lifting is certainly a benefit to hiring movers. The time-saving benefits of hiring us not only cuts down on time involved with moving boxes, but it will also save you from the stress of driving a large moving van or trailer. Moving vans are notoriously tricky to drive and maneuver. Packing everything, making it all fit in the moving van, driving to the new location, filling up the gas tank ($$$) and then returning to the truck after unloading everything invariably takes more time than you expect.