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Best Furniture Fabric for Pet Owners

Furniture fabric for dog owners

We love our dogs and cats, but when it comes time to purchase a new couch or chair, we have to be realistic. That velvet armchair catches your eye, but there is no way you could keep it and let Fido snuggle with you while watching Netflix. Selecting the best furniture fabric is more complicated than it should be. Even if your dog or cat is not trying to destroy your furniture, they can cause issues just by climbing, sitting, or walking on it. Here are some of the problems and solutions to consider when buying furniture while owning pets.

No matter what kind of pet you own, hair will always end up on fabric somehow. It may cling or embed itself into the upholstery. Marks and scratches happen when your pet jumps up on the couch or your uses it as a scratching post. Dirt marks and stains from accidents are inevitable.

It is always a good idea to train your pets to behave. Choosing an appropriate upholstery to make life even easier? Fabrics should have a tight weave so that claws cannot get caught and hair cannot imbed itself. You want to stay away from light colors as wear and tear will show up more. Patterns are always a good option as they hide evidence of marks or stains. Try to pick a pattern that has a dominant color that matches that of your pet. Stay away from tweed! The weave is too big and allows pet hair to get wedged in and is difficult to clean.


Microfiber is a synthetic fabric and a good choice as it is easy to clean and maintains heavy usage. It is affordable and available in many colors. To clean, simply blot with a clean towel and then use a little soap and water to wash out what’s left.


Leather is another option and one of the best coverings you can choose. It is more expensive, but will last longer and will improve with age. It is easy to maintain and pet hair is easy to remove because it does not cling. Cats are unlikely to use leather as a scratching post, but should your feline choose to do so, you can dissuade them with Scotchguard.

Outdoor Fabric

Outdoor fabric is widely available and intended for heavy use, and can be brought inside. It may not be as soft, but it is easy to clean and comes in great prints and colors. If you do not want your furniture to feel like patio chairs, simply get a slipcover made out of outdoor fabric.