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So You Want a Backyard Pool?


Backyard Pool
Photo courtesy of Bill Wilson/flickr

Many people consider a pool when the weather gets warmer. Sometimes when retirement hits, other times when the kids get older. How do you even get started? Here is what you should know before you start digging in the backyard.

Making the Decision

First, know that you want a swimming pool and all that it entails. Having your decision made after considering all pros and cons will help in making sound decisions once the process has begun. When deciding, think of what needs will be met as well as desires. Do you have grandkids and want your home to be the hangout place for the summer? Are your own kids getting to an age when their friends are over more and more and there isn’t much to do besides video games? Is it warmer where you live than cold? Or maybe you have been instructed by your doctor to swim for your health and would rather have access to that in your own home?

After you and your household have made the decision to build a backyard pool, you must discuss what is most important to you regarding the pool. There are things like maintenance, aesthetics, and design-ability that should be considered. Do you want a pool with low maintenance but with a fountain and stones? What about an adjoining hot tub and play area? Every pool should be unique to the owner whether it is a simple as an oval filled with water or an elaborate oasis. Knowing what you want will help you focus when all options are presented to you.

Consider the Installer

The same thought and focus should be given when considering the right pool installer. First, decide on your budget as price is probably the most important question you will ask. If this is set, you won’t need a bunch of pool guys coming to your house to make an estimate. That being said, know your true budget. Great workmanship and quality is not going to be the lowest price. Also take the time to get your financing in order before you start getting pool quotes. This will ensure you don’t lose any deposits and know where you stand before the process begins.

Do your research and know the differences between vinyl, concrete, and fiberglass. If you know the pros and cons of each before you receive an estimate, you will be able to make better decisions on the type of pool that will fit your families’ needs.