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Common Moving Day Mistakes


Are you preparing to move? Many things have to happen between deciding you want to relocate and actually executing it. From planning and packing to unpacking and organizing everything, there is a lot to do when moving. However, there are always ways you can make the process a little bit easier.

Even the best planners can become overwhelmed and exhausted on a moving day. Make sure you don’t make the following mistakes:

Not Measuring the New Place

One of the first things to do when moving is to measure your new place. If you have furniture you’re taking from your current location to your new one, you need to make sure it fits. Imagine the nightmare of transporting a sectional only to find out that it doesn’t fit in your new living room. When you do a walk-through of your new place, make sure you bring a tape measure. It is also helpful to take pictures to have an even better understanding of the space.

Waiting Until the Last Minute

No matter how much planning you do before moving day comes around, there will almost always be a few things that come up and slow you down. Additionally, you might underestimate how long packing things the right way takes. Our best advice is never to leave any boxes to pack on the day of the move. Even if you think they will only take a few minutes, it never does. People often assume packing will be quicker and easier than it actually is.

Not Purging Before Packing

Purchasing boxes, packing supplies, and a moving truck will all cost a significant amount of money. Before you start packing away every single item in your current home or apartment, make sure you purge some items. Undoubtedly, you will have some unused, unwanted, and unnecessary items that you’ve kept around. The general rule of thumb is that you don’t need it if you haven’t used something within the past year. If you don’t take this step, you’ll spend a lot of extra money unnecessarily.

Hiring Movers Without Vetting Them

Are you simply looking for the best deal on movers? Well, securing the cheapest movers around won’t be very helpful if they’re not insured. You should always research and vet potential companies before agreeing to work with them. After all, you will want to do your due diligence for anyone responsible for handling your precious belongings. Check online review sites, referrals, and ask your family and friends for their recommendations. You should also check whether the companies are insured and certified. Knowing who you are dealing with is a must when you are moving.

Wear Appropriate Clothes

What you’re going to wear on moving day might not seem as essential as other parts of your day. But don’t underestimate their importance. Moving day is often a long, grueling day. You’ll want to make sure that what you’re wearing is comfortable and easy to move in. Be aware that loose-fitting clothes may cause injuries or other trouble. A good pair of shoes can end up making all the difference as well. You’ll be spending most of the day on your feet, so a comfortable, supportive pair of shoes is essential.

Keep Children and Pets Away, If Possible

With people constantly coming in and out, the last thing you need is to worry about kids or pets getting into trouble. No matter if professional movers or your friends and family are helping you move, kids or pets can get in the way. It’s both distracting and unsafe for the people helping move items and the children and pets. It is worth it to plan on finding a babysitter or dog sitter for moving day, so you can simply focus on getting the job done.

Pack an “Essentials” Box

One of our best tips for moving day is to pack up an essentials box. This will be a box that contains everything you will need immediate access to during your first twenty-four hours in your new place. Your overnight clothes, toiletries, a few cups and plates, and towels are some of the items that you should pack in this box. Having this box prevents you from making a mess by opening multiple boxes trying to search for one or two specific items.