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Why You Should Hire Today Movers to Help You Move a Single Item


Can you hire movers to move one piece of furniture? The simple answer is yes. There are single item movers out there, and we are one of them!

The service you may be looking for when you need a mover to move one item is often called a “small move”. There are some variables that will factor into a professional moving company’s ability to help you out when moving one or a few items. Before hiring a moving company to move your few items, it is best to outline what it is you need moved and ensure that it is within the expertise of your selected movers to get it to where it needs to go.

The need for a small move service may be more common than you think. Some examples include:

Roommates that just need a few items moved like a refrigerator, pool table, couch, or mattress

Renters needing to clear space for guests visiting from out of town by putting things into storage for a month while they’re staying over

College students living in university housing who need to have their stuff moved to storage or back home

Partial moving requests such as large, heavy, and/or valuable items that need to be expertly packed and handled as you handle the logistics of the rest of your move

Big, tough to move items that won’t fit in a pick-up truck or an apartment building elevator that need professional handling

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, the good news is that Today Movers can help you make it happen.

We are also here for you if you need to move a valuable item carefully. Not every valuable item has a big price tag. Important records and items of sentimental value like family heirlooms can also fall into this category and require custom management. Our trusted and highly skilled movers carefully pack, secure, and move your irreplaceable items so they arrive safely at their destination.

We’ve handled everything from precious art and antiques to collectors’ items like vintage toys. We have extensive experience with sculpture, glassware and fine china, vintage wines, rare musical instruments, and high-end electronics.