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Home Safety While Traveling


Home Safety While Traveling

As Memorial Day kicks off the summer travel season, you want your home to be safe while you are gone. There are many ways to prevent theft and vandalism while you are away.

Nobody leaves their lights on or their TV blaring 24 hours a day. Drawn curtains and closed blinds are also something someone might notice if they are watching your house closely. Leave your house as normal as possible before leaving. If you cannot find friends or family to check-in, there are deterrents you can buy that simulate visual movement. You can also invest in timers for your exterior and interior lights so they are on for a few hours every night. When they kick off it will look like someone turned them off.

If you have a great relationship with your neighbors, ask if they would help keep an eye on things. Trash cans be taken out and returned, mail won’t pile up, and if they have a spare key, they can bring in deliveries.

Consider a House Sitter

House sitting can be done by friends or relatives but is also a great job for hire. If you live in a college town, reach out to college or graduate students who may appreciate a home to study in for the weekend. If you do not have a way of finding anyone yourself, there are many reputable websites that will have people to hire in your area. This is especially helpful if you have pets. It is less expensive to have someone stay at home with them than to board them.

Social Media

It is tempting to share your memories in the making on social media but consider sharing images and updates of your vacation after you get home. You never know who may be tracking your online presence and it is easy to follow where you are if you check in to every restaurant and hotel.

Energy Savings

Being out of the house should also mean energy savings. Many appliances use power even when they are turned off. Be sure and unplug electronic devices or the power strip they are connected to before heading out of town. This will save you money as well as prevent any power surges.

It is common sense to lock up and keep valuables out of sight. The window above the sink in the kitchen and the sliding glass doors are often neglected however. Other areas that homeowners forget to secure are windows upstairs and vaults that are not bolted down.

Lastly, as the yard can function as curb appeal, it is also one of the first things someone may notice to be neglected. If you have a highly-manicured lawn or garden, be sure to give it a good treatment before leaving. If your lawn is a bit more simple, mow and trim before you leave.