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Home Upgrades That Are Worth The Money

There are so many shows and entire cable channels dedicated to remodeling and home upgrades, but which ones actually add value compared to their cost? What upgrades are worth the investment?
Here are the six interior remodeling projects that deliver the highest return – there are 21 projects in all that are compared at remodeling.hw.net

Garage door replacement

This is geared towards updating your curb appeal. Properties without front facing garages may not get the same value-added. If your property does have a curb facing garage, replacing with a new front can really make the property stand out. There are several remodel options to choose from. Window panes, barn door style cross beams, and materials selections all allow you creative license to fit your vision. Materials like steel, wood, fibreglass or aluminium glass doors are all being used today.  Do you prefer a modern with lots of glass panels or a traditional wood-grain look?

Manufactured stone veneer

This can completely revamp the entire look of your house and can really make it stand out in your neighborhood. Depending on the age of the housing in your market vinyl siding may be prevalent- consider replacing it with stone veneer. is a big aesthetic improvement. The vinyl siding is replaced with adhered manufactured stone veneer.  Veneer stone looks similar to natural stone but is less expensive and more cost effective to install than natural stone. Since it is up to 75% lighter then natural stone, no footers or wall ties are needed.  You could potentially recover up to 97% of your cost with this remodel project.

Entry door replacement

There is a trend toward artisanal looks with a metal front door. Black steel is popular although copper and stainless steel front doors will always be fashionable. One of the quickest fixes to upgrade your front door is to simply paint it. There are paints and primers for steel, fiberglass and wood door surfaces. About one quart of paint should do for an average door. When it comes to color options, contrast is key. Choose a bold paint color that stands out from the rest of the home. Another current trend is using the existing double door design and converting it into a standard front door size with a glass side panel.

Deck addition (wood)

If the property is lucky enough to have yard space, decking is a great value to cost renovation. Build options use pressure-treated wood posts, railings and balusters to give your backyard a great area to congregate. Look to get back around 82 percent of resell value per cost with this project. This project is something many people take on themselves. Consider the cost of contractors on all of these projects to make the call on if the cost is worth it for the upgrade.

Minor kitchen remodel

One of the simpler renovation projects are doing kitchen cabinets. Consider replacing only the front facing cabinet doors and leaving the boxes in place. You can also replace laminate countertops with new laminate to match the new doors. Older appliances could be replaced with energy-efficient models. Sinks and faucets are also good candidates for a minor remodel. If you have vinyl flooring, replacing with new vinyl flooring may meet your needs. A tile remodel can be much more costly and labor intensive.

Replace Siding and add Architectural Embellishment

Options include vinyl, cedar shingle, and seamless steel siding, but many homes are moving toward high performance fiber cement products.  While replacing siding, consider adding a few architectural embellishments. Would a small balcony above the front door, decorative shutters or window mullions complement the property? Wide moldings around the front and garage doors can be trim projects to think about as well.
Any combination of these projects can dramatically change the curb appeal of the property.