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Cleaning Before Moving

Cleaning before moving
Whether you are moving out or moving in, cleaning is going to be a task to consider. You don’t want to lose out on your security deposit. Cleaning should be the first thing you do before the movers arrive, and the last thing you do after the movers leave.
It’s good to have all your cleaning supplies ready to go. Almost as important as the cleaning supplies is music! Start up your favorite playlist, the audiobook you’ve been waiting to hear, or the latest podcast and then decide where you want to begin. Having matched paint for touch-ups and special case items like putty are good prep practices.

Checklists for every room

Remove nails, screws, and hooks from the walls and ceilings. Use putty to fill the holes, then paint.
Dust each room, and while doing so, this will give you a good look at other areas that need a once-over as well. Vacuum every room.For kitchens and rooms with wood or tile, take the extra step and mop the floors as well.
If the home has a fireplace, make sure to clean it as well. Clean air vents and replace filters.
Finish by spot cleaning carpet stains.


Clean exhaust fans first, since it could make a mess. Clean out drawers, medicine cabinets, and cabinets in the vanity. Don’t forget to toss old liners.
Apply grout cleaner early so it has time to sit. Use an all-purpose cleaner for walls, doors, towel racks, light fixtures — but not the toilet, mirrors, and tub. Scrub the toilet with a specialized cleaner. Don’t miss the base.
When cleaning a shower and/or tub, first clean out the areas with grout and finish with a specialized cleaner.
Don’t miss the shower rack and soap dishes. Clean the vanity countertop, scrub the sink, and shine the faucets.
Vacuum the floor, then mop it. Last, clean the mirror with glass cleaner.


If the oven has a self-cleaning option, use it. Then clean the exhaust fan and hood. Clean the inside of the fridge and freezer then the outside. Repeat the same process for the microwave. Move both appliances, so you’re able to clean behind and below them.
Next, clean the outside of the other appliances like the dishwasher then the stove.
Clean out drawers, cabinets, and shelves. Don’t forget to toss old liners. Clean the front of cabinets.
Empty the garbage disposal. Scrub countertops starting with the area surrounding the stove, as it’s typically the messiest. Then clean the faucet and sink. Don’t forget to give the inside of the sink a thorough cleaning.
Vacuum then mop the floors with a specialized cleaner for wood or tile.

Entry and Exit Ways

Sweep away any extra dirt, using a blower makes this much easier. Clean any outdoor windows. Make sure grass, bushes, and trees aren’t overgrown.
If outdoor trash or recycling bins are dirty, wash them out with a hose.

Car Garage

Make sure the garage is empty. Vacuum or sweep out the area.If your cement garage floor has stains, you can scrub using a stiff brush, detergent and degreaser.
Good to remember:
The move out cleaning list for tenants may contain some additional cleaning requirements, depending on the specific conditions in their lease contracts.
It’s a good idea to take photos of your cleaned house or apartment and keep them as proof of the excellent condition you’re leaving the place in.
The same is true for moving in- take pictures to compare against when you move out and to document the condition of the home. If any work needs to be done by maintenance this is very helpful.