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Moving During the Winter

Moving During the Winter

Moving during the Winter months is something that no one wants to do. The biting cold, questionable surfaces, shorter days and threat of inclement weather make for a unique challenge. While you may not choose to move during these months, sometimes, it’s inevitable. Whether it be a new job or finding a house that you cannot pass up, we are here to help you move in the cold! Here a few tips to make moving day in the cold a little easier.

Check the Weather Report

A few days in advance, check your weather app to get a feel for whats to be expected on moving day. Driving moving vehicles and moving heavy boxes when the surfaces are questionable is never a good idea. While some precipitation isn’t necessarily a bad thing, if they are predicting a few inches of rain or snow, it may serve you well to reschedule.

Start as Early as Possible

One of the main gripes about the cooler months is the shorter days. That means you’ve got a limited amount of time before the sun goes down. Once the sun goes down, the temperatures drop and moving conditions plummet. By getting a head start when he sun comes up, you’ll give yourself more time to make sure the movers will have no trouble moving boxes, appliances and furniture.

Protect your Floors

Winter months mean snow on the ground. This also means movers can track mud, dirt, and whatever else it is they step in, into the house. By laying down a plastic sheet, you will eliminate the need to hire a carpet cleaner after the move is finished.

Clear the Driveway/Sidewalk

As movers, we depends on a clear path from your home to the truck. Snow and ice make moving problematic and can cause damaged items and possibly, bodily harm! By clearing your sidewalks and driveways, we can move your home’s items without having to worry about our footing.

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