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How to Maximize Your Storage Unit Space

Maximizing your storage unit space at your storage facility or portable storage isn’t as difficult as you might think it is; all you have to do is follow a few simple rules. Here are a few ways you can maximize space and make your storage unit as useful as possible.

Save Time and Effort by Planning Ahead

Storage units come in many shapes and sizes, but it can be hard to know where to start. At Midlobox, our team of moving and storage experts will ask you a few questions about what you plan to store and make a recommendation on the size best for you.

Once you’ve identified the best size for your needs, you can begin planning how exactly you will organize the unit. If you plan to put items in storage for the long-term, consider using helpful organizers, such as shelves, plastic containers, TV boxes, and wardrobe boxes to keep everything neat and organized in the unit. Utilizing such tools will make it easier to stack, store, and find items in your unit.

Prep Items for Storage

When you have your storage unit size plan worked out, the next step is to make sure you know what items you plan on storing so you can prep them for the unit. Disassemble large furniture items and, whenever possible, store items on their side. A lot of sofas can be stored on one end, making way for significantly more room. Wrap bulky items in a moving blanket and shrink wrap. This will help protect those items and make it safer to lean other items against them.

Strategically Stack Everything

All Midlobox storage units feature high ceilings; the #1 way to make the best use of your space is to take advantage of all that vertical area. Once you’ve outlined what you plan to store, you can purchase items to make stacking easier, such as wardrobe boxes or plastic containers. All Midlobox standard moving boxes can be stacked and also feature a convenient area where you can label each box’s contents.

Add a Walkway and Keep Important Items Up Front

If you do not need to access your items, please disregard this step. It is important to build a walkway in your space, particularly if you are storing an abundance of items. This will help you locate items inside your space faster and allow you to stay organized throughout your stay. Make sure to put the items you use most frequently up front for even easier access.