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Reasons to Move to Texas

Considering a move to Texas? What’s the holdup? Check out our five most amazing reasons to move to Texas right now. Because honestly, if you’re not already moving down to the Lone Star State, then you’re already late.

No State Income Tax & General Affordability

That’s right! Texas is one of nine United States that does not have a state income tax taken out of your paycheck. Not only do you end up taking home more money, but no state income tax makes doing your taxes that much easier. Simply complete your federal taxes and you’re all done. The state does have to get its money from somewhere, so we understand if this alone isn’t enough to persuade you to move South.  Even so, compared to so many different places, Texas, and more specifically, Houston, still has reasonable sales tax and property tax rates compared to other states. On top of the lack of state income tax, Texas is a generally cheap place to live! The average cost of living is 8% lower than the national average.

Lots of Land and Room to Grow

Go 45 minutes north or south of Houston and you are in the farmland. If you’re looking for a place close to great hospitals, amazing career opportunities, but don’t want to sacrifice your space, look no further. Land prices are also reasonable, and we know plenty of realtors to help you find that perfect plot of land.

We’re Hiring! Can’t Beat the Amazing Texas Economy    

Texas is seeing a surge in open jobs, and we need your help filling them! From sales to customer service, to engineering, to tech, you’re bound to find the perfect job for your skillset somewhere in the heart of Texas.  The Texas economy has consistently ranked as one of the best states for business, signaling strong growth for years to come. This means that Texas will not only offer great opportunities for you, but anyone else who is considering moving with you!

Incredible Mixing Pot of Food    

One word: Tex-Mex. If you haven’t had it, you haven’t lived. Yes, the foodie reputation of Texas is well deserved. Anywhere you visit in Texas is bound to have delicious treats unlike anywhere in the US. From BBQ to Moroccan, there’s a dish for every palate. Houston has garnered a lot of attention recently about being one of the best food cities in the country. You can go out every single night and still not try everything. Trust us, the food alone is worth the move!

Friendly People & That Southern Charm

It’s not uncommon to say a friendly hello or howdy to strangers in Texas. Holding elevators, opening doors, and offering to help carry boxes is both understood and expected down here. You’ll be hard pressed to find a true Texan or a transplant Texan who wouldn’t offer you a place to sit and a cool glass of iced tea if you’re in need. Once you’ve been here a few years, you’ll realize that it went from being strange to being a habit.