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Moving Tips for Seniors

Moving can be stressful for people of all ages, but it can be especially challenging for older adults. There are a number of reasons for this:

Physical challenges: Moving requires a lot of physical activity, such as lifting and carrying boxes, packing and unpacking belongings, and cleaning. This can be difficult for older adults, especially those with limited mobility or health conditions.

Emotional challenges: Moving can also be emotionally challenging for older adults. They may feel a sense of loss and grief as they leave behind their home and community. They may also worry about making new friends and adjusting to a new environment.

Cognitive challenges: Older adults may also experience cognitive challenges during a move, such as difficulty remembering where things are or making decisions. This can make it difficult to plan and execute the move, and it can also increase stress levels.

Social challenges: Moving can also disrupt an older adult’s social support network. They may have to leave behind close friends and family members, and they may have difficulty making new friends in their new community.

In addition to these challenges, older adults may also be facing other stressors, such as health problems, financial concerns, or the death of a loved one. All of these factors can contribute to the stress of moving. What follows are some tips for seniors as they plan a move:

Plan Carefully

Setting a budget is obvious, but you also need to look at all your stuff and compare this with your new space to ensure everything (especially furniture and appliances) you plan on moving will fit into your new home and living space. This will save you a lot of headaches later.


This dovetails with our first tip, downsizing is a common and good practice for people later in life. The kids are out on their own, and you do not need as much space, furnishings, and home items. Take the time to thoughtfully reduce your belongings and give yourself plenty of time to sell, give away, or remove the items you no longer need. Decreasing the amount of possessions you move will save you a great deal of moving time and costs.

Start Big

When planning your downsizing and what you will end up moving, start with the biggest stuff first. Large furniture, appliances, and other things will be the most difficult to deal with, whether you are downsizing them out or moving them. Addressing these items first will make your job easier as you progress through your inventory.

One Area at a Time

Pick one room or part of the house to start packing up and focus on it. It is also a good idea to start with the least used parts of your home to pack up first. This will cause the least disruption to your daily life, and they are usually easier to address. Once you finish an area, move on to the next one with a sense of accomplishment!

Label Everything

As you are preparing all your possessions to move, mark each one with a label or write on the packing box. Mark each item with its destination. This also applies to anything you are selling or donating. You can also use colored stickers to identify by type (destination, donate, sell, give away, trash, etc.). Having all your items sorted and categorized will help your downsizing and moving go much more smoothly.

Moving-Day Bag

Put together a bag (suitcase) of essential items you will need on your first day in your new home. Clothes, a set of dishes, towels, sheets, toiletries, etc. to use for your first few days. A first aid kit, a flashlight, and a few hand tools are also good things to include. If you have these things readily available, without having to dig through boxes, then your first few days will go much better.


The most important thing to have and bring with you is your patience. You will need to be patient with others and yourself because moving is tough. This is especially true for seniors that may be moving from a home they have lived in for decades. Remember, you don’t have to get rid of everything, the goal is to simplify your life. Moving can be sad, and that’s ok. Focus on the excitement of moving to a new home and take the time to appreciate where you have been and where you are going.

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