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Renting Portable Storage

If you’re in the market for an easier and more cost-effective storage solution, portable storage units may be the way to go! Whether you’re moving to a new area, decluttering your house, or just needing extra storage space in general, portable storage units offer customers convenience and flexibility. They also offer a lot of advantages over traditional self-storage. 

Let’s talk about storage space. How much of it do you need? Do you need a large container? Need more than one container? It all depends on how much stuff you’ve got.

The typical large portable storage unit holds enough boxes and items to store approximately a 2-bedroom home. If you have a 3-bedroom home, or you tend to have more belongings you may need more than one unit. However, maybe you don’t need to store everything. A good idea may be to begin sorting and organizing everything that you need to put into the storage unit in one area of your garage to see what you’ve got. Most large portable storage units are 16’x’8’x8′ or 835 cubic feet, however, there are some available that are 25% larger, at 20’x8’x8′ or 1280 cubic feet.

The beauty of portable storage units? They’re portable! You’ve got a couple of options here: you can park it in your driveway or take it to a fancy, climate-controlled facility. There are circumstances where it’s more convenient to just keep it on your property, but there are a few things to consider first: these units are big and take up a lot of space. Plus, you’re exposing all your belongings to the elements, and you could be in violation of your HOA bylaws. If you want to keep your stuff safe and sound, we highly recommend having it transported to a secure facility once it’s loaded. Not only will it protect your valuables from the weather, but it’s also monitored around the clock, giving you peace of mind.Portable storage can be a smart move. But one thing to ask yourself is: how long are you planning to keep it for? A week? A month? Maybe even a year? The possibilities are endless, but you may want to consider other options if you’re needing long-term storage. Think about what you’re storing and how much time you’ll need to keep it stored. Perhaps a self-storage unit is a better option if you won’t be needing these items transported elsewhere in the near future, or you want easy access to the items any time you need them. If you want to store items long-term, self-storage may be a better option as well. However, portable storage units aren’t just for moving – you can use them for all kinds of needs. If you are remodeling a room and simply need to clear it out short-term, portable storage may be right for you! Do yourself a favor and consider which option is best – before you get it all packed up and loaded.