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Questions to Ask Your Moving Company

Moving Company

Hiring the services of a moving company can be anxiety-provoking, and for good reason: you’re asking this business to be in charge of keeping all your worldly possessions safe as you move to a new place. That’s why you should always turn to a reputable moving company for help. When you choose the right company, they’ll get you and all of your things from point A to point B without making your move any harder than it has to be.
Obviously, you’ll inquire about availability on the date and time of your move, along with a quote for the cost. There are some additional questions you should ask moving companies before you hire them to ensure you can trust them to do a good job, though. Here are some of the best:
What Services Do You Offer?
There are some moving companies that only help those looking to make local moves. There are others that would prefer to assist those making lost-distance moves. They should specialize in making the kind of move you’re planning to make. They should also offer additional services that you can take advantage of if you need them.
How Long Have You Been in Business?
When you hire a moving company to help you make a move, you want to know that they have enough experience. While you don’t necessarily need a company that’s been in business for 50 years, you do want one that has been around for at least a few years.
This will ensure that they’ve dealt with all kinds of different moving situations. It’ll come in handy if any issues pop up during your move.
Do You Have Insurance?
This is a very important question. All moving companies need to have insurance to protect you in the event that something catastrophic takes place during your move. Ask for proof of insurance before you sign on the dotted line and agree to work with a company.
What If My Belongings Break When They’re in Your Possession?
In most cases, the insurance your moving company has will cover the cost of any damages done to your belongings during a move, but there are some instances in which your moving company will be responsible for them. You should ask prospective moving companies to tell you exactly what happens in the event that something breaks during a move. They should have a clear policy in place so there are no misunderstandings later.
Is There Anything You Can’t Move for Me?
While most moving companies can move just about anything for you, there are some that aren’t equipped to move certain things. For example, not all movers will offer to move a piano for homeowners. There are also some larger appliances that will be off the table when it comes time to move. If you have something out of the ordinary that needs to be moved, make sure you mention it at the beginning. A moving company should be able to tell you if moving it is possible.
These questions can be a great start to a productive working relationship between you and your moving company.