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Tips on Downsizing


Moving can be an overwhelming prospect, but it can be made simpler if you reduce the volume of items you need to relocate. Here are four tips for downsizing when moving:

Use the KonMari Method

Marie Kondo’s KonMari method requires you to hold every item that you own. And what better time to go through it then when you’re moving? In short, this method helps you get rid of the things you don’t like and keep the ones you do.
First, you pick up an item and ask if it brings you joy. If it does, then you keep it, but if it doesn’t, you should toss it. Now, chances are your toaster oven doesn’t bring you joy, but there are some items you’ll have to keep anyway because of their utility.
This method isn’t a tip for moving alone. Plenty of people use it to tidy up their homes even when they’ve lived there for years. So, when you’ve been in your home for some time, you may want to consider going through the process again.
Think About Why and Where You’re Moving

The reasons you are moving may determine how much clutter you can dispose of now. If you’ve sold your house because your children are all adults, and you’re moving from a four-bedroom house to a one or two-bedroom one, your needs have shifted. You probably don’t need your child’s old beds or dressers. Or, if you’re moving to the beach from Colorado, you might want to leave your skiing equipment behind.
Give Your Things New Homes

Sometimes an item doesn’t seem right to throw away, and other times, it may be too precious to give away to a stranger, but you don’t have room for it.
Instead of parting in pain, consider giving items you don’t need to family friends who want them. There’s something nice about knowing your stuff is going to a loving home. For example, if you have a child that grew up playing with action figures or dolls, you may not be ready to give them to just anyone. Instead, give it to a child of some family friends or relatives with small children. While you still have to let go, you’ll know that the items you had a special connection to will go to someone who loves them.

Don’t Go Overboard

While you get started with downsizing, it can be easy to go overboard. Make sure that you’re tossing the items that you don’t need. But don’t toss so much that you lose things you need. Don’t feel like that something needs to go to the trash only because you don’t use it either. After moving, you might come to regret throwing away items you thought you didn’t need.
 A thoughtful and methodical downsizing of your possessions can help give you a fresh, free new start when you move to your new home.