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When to Hire a Mover

When To Hire a Mover

Moving includes a lot of steps, and tons of decisions to make. So how do you know when it’s time to enlist the professionals? Here are a few examples of when it’s a good idea to hire movers and leave your relocation in the hands of the pros:

Long-distance moves

Moving across the country is very different from moving across town – you need to not only pack your items, load them on a moving vehicle, and unload an hour or so later at your new home, but also take your belongings all the way to your far-off destination.

Your items may have to spend several days on the road and someone will have to drive the moving truck for miles on end. You won’t be able to just make a quick second trip if your things don’t all fit in the moving vehicle or call your friends to help you unload at your new house or apartment.

So, when moving long-distance, professional movers are your best bet – the experts know how to pack your items so that they survive the moving process safe and sound; what routes to take to your final destination; how to drive safely in adverse weather and avoid traffic jams and road accidents; etc. They will deliver your belongings intact and unscathed – and on time.

Large and heavy items

A self-move may be a viable option if you’re moving without furniture, appliances, and other large household items, but it is certainly not an option for a large move – you and your friends, no matter how strong and enthusiastic, can only carry so much.

You won’t be able to take the contents of a three- or four-bedroom home out of the property and load them on the moving vehicle in a single day. Most likely, it will be hard to do so safely at all – there will be lots of large furniture pieces, bulky electrical appliances, and various awkwardly-shaped items that are very difficult to lift and carry. You may easily drop a heavy piece or bump it against a door or a wall, breaking the item or damaging the floor, door, or wall. You may strain your back, sprain your ankle, or pull a muscle when hauling weighty items around. Worse still, you may trip and fall, causing yourself a serious injury.

Professional movers are trained to use safe lifting techniques so that they don’t hurt themselves during a move. They have rich experience in handling all kinds of household items and know how to safely squeeze a bulky piece through the doors and along narrow hallways and steep staircases. The pros use specialized moving equipment (moving dollies, moving blankets, furniture sliders, furniture straps, etc.) that makes their work safer and faster – they’ll load the moving truck in record time, pack it tightly to optimize the available space (needless to say, the movers will have determined the right size moving truck for your needs), and secure your items inside so that they don’t get damaged during transit.

Specialty items

However difficult it may be to move a queen-size bed or a large plasma TV, it’s even harder to relocate a pool table, a grandfather clock, or a valuable piece of art. Specialty items need special care – specialized packing materials, specific packing techniques, careful handling, etc.
Good movers provide a wide range of specialized services (custom crating, hoisting, piano moving, etc.) to ensure a smooth relocation and keep specialty items safe and sound during the entire moving process. They know which items need special care; what packing supplies are necessary to ensure their optimal protection; how to handle them safely and efficiently, etc.

Professional movers have the advanced equipment and expert skills required to take proper care of your cherished possessions. And they even offer full value protection so you can rest assured that if something happens to your belongings during the move, you’ll be compensated for your loss.

Lack of time

As already mentioned above, moving requires a lot of time – you cannot plan and perform a house move overnight. It takes at least two months to properly organize a relocation, especially if it’s a cross-country one. Sometimes, however, you may not have months, not even weeks before the move – you may need to move out on short notice (because of a new job in a different city, a breakup, etc.) and not have the time for moving preparations.

In such a case, hiring professional movers is your best option – they’ll take care of all the aspects of the arduous relocation process and will complete your move with enviable speed and efficiency. You’ll find yourself in your new home before you know it.

No one to help you

Moving is not a one-person job – you need as much help as you can get. If you can’t count on family or friends to lend you a hand with your move (because they’re all far away or none of them is physically strong enough to do the heavy lifting, etc.), you need to hire professional moving assistance. The experts will do all the work for you (or as much as you want them to) and will ensure your smooth and successful relocation.

If you need us, the experts at Today Movers are here for you, to help make your move as seamless and smooth as possible. It’s our pleasure.