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Why Hire a Professional for Piano Moving?

You should do everything you can to hire a professional piano mover to move your piano. The risks are too great that you’ll damage the piano, or worse, hurt yourself. Here are some great reasons to find a professional piano mover.
Avoid Damage
Your piano probably means a lot to you, otherwise, you’d sell it rather than moving it. If your piano is precious to you, you’d hate to damage it in a move. Your piano is heavy and bulky, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, it will get damaged. You can avoid the stress and heartbreak of a broken piano (and money for repairs) by hiring affordable piano movers. Although there are no guarantees in life, the risk of damaging the piano is greatly reduced if you let a professional do it for you.
Avoid Injury
Depending on the style of piano, you could be moving over a thousand pounds. This is an incredible amount of weight for two people, and without the proper equipment to secure your back and protect other body parts, you could really injure yourself. The costs to get yourself checked by a doctor and any follow-up procedure may far exceed your cost of hiring piano movers in the first place.
Save Money
The reason why people avoid moving companies in the first place is to save money. You can save money in many cases by moving items yourself, but not necessarily when it comes to moving something as tricky as a piano. Many people who move pianos themselves end up breaking the piano legs, strings, or pins, and must hire a piano tuner on the other end. When you total all those costs, you’ll realize that you save more money by hiring piano movers.
Proper Transportation
Professional piano movers will have the proper trucks and padding to transport your piano so that it will survive any unforeseen road hazards. When you move your own piano, you may not have those protections provided by moving companies. You might only have access to a small truck or a trailer, with ropes to tie it down. However, if those ropes get strained for any reason during the move and break, your piano may suffer major damage.
Pinching pennies where you can when moving is understandable. However, you don’t want to be too frugal and not hire a piano mover. You’ll find yourself paying that much more in the long run, or worse, causing too much damage to a treasured item.